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Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

Get a concealed weapons permit and learn what millions of firearm enthusiasts around the world already know being a gun owner is a fun and exciting hobby. Applying for a concealed weapons permit is quick and easy in most states, often simply requiring some information, a background check and a firearm safety course. A concealed weapons license offers many advantages, including shortening (or removing) waiting periods to buy weapons. In most states, a concealed weapons permit allows you to carry your weapon with you almost anywhere.

Get a Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida

In order to legally carry a gun on your person, you are required to have a gun license. Learn how to apply for a firearms license in Florida, including the documents and information you'll need to provide.

Firearm Safety Course

Gun safety education is necessary in Florida when you apply for a gun license. Gun safety classes are available throughout the year, and throughout the state.

Essentials of Being a Gun Owner in Florida

Being a responsible gun owner is more than just learning how to shoot straight. Learn more about how to store your gun, transport your gun or keep your gun away from the wrong people.

New Florida Gun License

You do not need a permit to purchase a firearm in Florida. You will, however, have to wait a certain amount of time (usually three to five business days) between purchasing your firearm and possessing your firearm. If you are going to transport your firearm, such as in your car, it must be completely empty at all times (no magazine loaded, no ammunition in chamber) and stored securely away.

If you wish to be able to legally carry your firearm on you, you can apply for a concealed weapons permit (CWP). There are two ways to apply for a CWP. The first way you can apply for a concealed weapons permit is by scheduling an appointment with a regional office. When you go to your appointment, you will fill out the application for review, be fingerprinted and photographed, after which you will pay the required fee. You can also print out and complete a Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Application and submit your fingerprints by contacting your nearest law enforcement agency to obtain your CWP.

Renew Florida Gun License

Once you receive notice that it is time to renew your Florida concealed weapons license, follow the instructions listed on the notice. If you have not received a notice or perhaps misplaced it, you can call (850) 245-5691 and request another one. The fee to renew your Florida concealed weapons license is $60, which can be paid with either check or money order. You can also pay this fee online if you visit If you would like to renew by mail, send the renewal notice and renewal fee to:

Division of Licensing
P.O. Box 3030
Tallahassee, FL

If you would like to renew in person, you can visit a regional office.

Replace Florida Gun License

If your concealed weapons permit has been lost, stolen or damaged beyond recognition, you need to get a new one if you want to legally carry your weapon outside your home and on your person. If this happens, you will need to send the Florida Division of Licensing a written affidavit detailing why you need to replace your concealed weapons permit. The charge for replacing your concealed weapons permit is $15, which you can pay with either check or money order.

If you are a private investigator, investigative agency, repossession service or security agency, the rules for replacing a Florida concealed weapons permit are somewhat different. You still need to write an affidavit describing why you need a replacement FL concealed weapons permit and submit a fee. However, if you are an agency and not an individual, the fee to replace a concealed weapons permit in Florida is $10 instead of $15. Money order or credit card accepted only. Regardless of whether you are an agency or an individual, you need to send your written affidavit and fee to:

Division of Licensing
P.O. Box 3030
Tallahassee, FL

Change of Address on a Florida Gun License

If you plan on changing residences within your state, you will need to make sure to update your Florida concealed weapons permit as soon as you move. After obtaining your new address, contact the Division of Licensing. You can do so via mail or online. When you submit your address change to the Division of Licensing, it will be automatically stored electronically. Be sure to submit your Florida address change within 10 days of moving, and be prepared to pay a $10 fee for your Florida concealed weapons permit update.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I get a concealed weapons permit in Florida?

In Florida, you may purchase a gun license either by visiting any one of eight regional offices. Click here to learn where these offices are, including contact information.

2. How old do I have to be in order to get a concealed weapons permit in Florida?

In order to obtain a concealed weapons permit, you must be at least 21 years of age.

3. How much does a gun license in Florida cost?

In Florida, the cost of a gun license is $112. This cost is made up of an application fee ($70) and the cost of processing your fingerprints ($42).

4. How often do I need to renew a firearm license in Florida?

If you purchased your concealed weapons permit on or after June 11, 2008, then the license is valid for a period of seven years. If you purchased your gun license before then, it is valid for five years. You should not let your license expire, or you will have to reapply as if it was your first time, including fees and safety course requirements.

5. Can I replace a gun license if it is lost, stolen or damaged?

Yes. You can replace a gun license, but in order to do so, you must first write a statement to the Division of Licensing explaining the situation. This statement must be notarized and sent to the Division of Licensing along with a check or money order for $15.

6. Do I need a concealed weapons and firearms permit in Florida?

Anyone can purchase a gun and keep it in their home, even without a license. A concealed weapons permit will remove the waiting period to purchase a gun, and also allow you carry the gun on your person nearly anywhere.

7. What weapons can I use without a concealed weapons permit?

You are allowed to use any gun without a license, as long as it is in a safe and legal location, like a shooting range. However, if you want to carry a firearm with you (excluding rifles and shotguns), you will need a concealed weapons and firearms permit.

8. Can I transport a gun without a concealed weapons permit?

Yes. However, in order to do so, the gun must be unloaded and kept in a secure location while in transit.

9. What are some ways I can safely store my firearms at home?

Gun safety should be of vital importance, particularly in your own home. Many people safely store their guns in lockboxes, though this may delay the time it takes to get the gun in case of emergency. There are other gun safety options like chamber, trigger and cable locks. Gun safety courses in Florida will instruct you on a variety of methods for safely storing and maintaining your weapon, or you can download this Firearms Easy Guide for comprehensive information on gun safety procedures.

Am I required to take a firearms safety course?

No. However, Florida law requires you to receive a certificate of competency from a state-approved gun safety course. For detailed information on what courses are state-approved, click here.