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After completing your necessary esthetician school training, the next part of the licensure process will require you to take a standard examination. This esthetician state board exam will test your knowledge on everything you have learned, including but not limited to client services, sanitation procedures, makeup removal, hair removal, various skin treatments, basic skin care and much more. If you would like to start studying to become an esthetician, consider getting a study guide from your state Board of Cosmetology. Review different texts and documents in order to get a full grasp of possible examination questions that may lie ahead. You can also take an esthetician practice exam to enhance your knowledge about the industry and its specific rules and regulations. Oftentimes a state Board of Cosmetology or Council will provide helpful resources and links as studying materials to better guide you. When preparing to take your esthetician state board exam, note that you are not permitted to bring in any personal belongings with you. Items such as your purse, briefcase, textbooks or cameras must be kept outside the testing location, or with a trustworthy confidant. In the event that you need a foreign language dictionary to better understand the exam questions, you will need to contact the appropriate department to find out about the standard rules and procedures. If English is not your first language, you may be given the option to complete your test in Spanish, instead. Keep in mind that any unexcused cancellations will result in a penalty fee.

Skincare License Study Guides

In an effort to best prepare for your state examination, consider reviewing helpful materials and resources that are often offered by the Board of Cosmetology. When studying to become an esthetician, a number of textbooks and professional documents can serve to provide extensive information that you will need to know the day of your exam. By spending a well-established amount of time to review these guides, you will feel more comfortable and more confident answering a multitude of questions at the right time.

Common Esthetician Study Guide Topics

If you are considering getting a study guide to look through and review, one of the first things you must do is make sure that you using the cosmetology materials of your state. Since each state has its own set of useful resources, it is important that you get any available study guide from the appropriate government website. However, typically speaking, some of the most common subject matters that you will find on your standard examination will include the following:

  • Different rules and regulations you must be familiar with in order to maintain proper license status
  • The proper instructions and guidelines you must follow for various types of manicures and pedicures
  • The duties and powers of your state’s Board of Cosmetology
  • The general application of skin treatment and different types of hair removal
  • Standard forms of communication to address your client’s specific needs and skin care desires
  • How you should properly analyze skin structure and disorders, as well as hair structures and disorders
  • How you should effectively check for skin sensitivity and other delicate areas

Skincare License Practice Tests

Another essential part of preparing for your standard examination is taking an esthetician state board practice test. You may at first not be familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the test, but completing a practice test will allow you to take the time to fully grasp all the material and content.

Skin Care Practice Test Material

The information you will find on your esthetician state board exam depends on the specific licensing for which you apply. For example, in this case, you would be obtaining certification for skincare. If you are trying to skincare specialist jobs, the main topics on your exam will revolve around healthy skin care and hair care. After you have taken several esthetician practice tests and feel confident to take your standard skin care examination, the next step will require you to contact the testing provider for registration.

You may have the option to schedule an appointment for your skin care specialist exam either by phone or online. However, registering online may be the most convenient method, as you will be allowed to save a confirmation receipt upon completing your transaction. Make sure to enter a valid email address during the proper prompt, so your sit-down test approval can be sent to you.

Skincare Exam Excused Absences

Note that in the event of a skincare physician state board exam cancellation, you may be charged a select fee, depending on your reason for the absence. If the testing center determines that you have an excused absence, then you will not need to worry about any additional charges. However, if your no-show appearance is the result of an unexcused reason, you may still be required to pay your full examination fee.

Typically, an excused absence applies to any of the following situations:

  • You recently experienced a death in your immediate family.
  • You recently received an illness diagnosis.
  • You have a medical emergency that requires your attention.
  • You were involved in a car accident.
  • You have been called to jury duty.
  • You are currently serving in the military.

What to Expect After the Exam

If you receive a passing grade on your skin care specialist state board exam, the testing provider will send you a notification stating so. It is at this time that you will then need to fulfill your final application obligations, such as submitting any pending fees and filling out any forms. You will not be issued a new skin care license until your documentation and proper information have been processed. In order to avoid any delay, make sure to carefully look through all the skin care licensing requirements by state. If you have not received an update regarding your test results, call your state Board of Cosmetology. Once you are ready to become a skin care physician and have your license on hand, you will be well on your way to finding a job as an esthetician and getting the career you have always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to become a skincare specialist, each state has a standard state-board exam, which must be passed before you can receive an esthetician license.
In most cases, you are required to complete the necessary esthetician schooling before you can apply to take the esthetician exam.
The minimum number of school hours required in order to be eligible to take the esthetician exam varies, depending on where you live.
The state-board esthetician exam may be provided online depending on your state of residence.
In order to schedule an appointment to take the esthetician exam in your state, you can contact the beauty school you’ve attended, or the official Board of Cosmetology in your state. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.