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Testing is a very important part of obtaining a nail tech license. However, some states do not issue nail licenses to applicants who want to become manicurists. In these states, testing is not required, and prospective nail techs simply have to register for the specialty credential, show proof that they have completed the necessary coursework and verify that they meet age and identity requirements. However, there are many states that do require testing to receive a nail tech license. If you find yourself in one of these states, or simply want to obtain a full cosmetologist license (which is typically associated with makeup and cosmetics), it is necessary to take the necessary exams, which (depending on your state of residence) can focus on the different components of cosmetology that were covered in your state-approved school. In addition to your education and examination, you will also have to fill out an application and submit it to your state board of cosmetologists. Once your application is complete and submitted, you will be asked to pay the necessary fees, which will include an examination fee if you decide to apply for a full cosmetologist license. And regardless of whether you are taking the standard cosmetology test for your state or a specific nail technician exam, you should do your best to prepare for the applicable test by examining study guides and nail technician practice tests. These are excellent resources for helping you boost your test scores, and you can learn all about them in the sections featured below.

Nail Technician License Study Guides

As mentioned before, there are some states that do not typically require any examination for you to become a nail technician. In these locations, all you must do is complete the necessary nail technician courses, meet the necessary age and high school/GED requirements and apply for a specialty nail technician registration. However, if you do not live in these select states, or if you are applying for a full cosmetology license, then you will have to take a comprehensive exam in order to be licensed. Fortunately, there are a few very simple ways to prepare for this test and pass it with ease. The first method is to employ a cosmetologist nail technician study guide.

While not always specific to manicurists if you are living in a state that does not issue nail licenses, these study guides will provide you with all of the information that you need to pass the applicable exam easily, featuring sections on all of the important components of the cosmetology field that you are trying to learn. Some of the most important areas that the nail technician exam study guide will cover include:

  • Sanitation and safety procedures
  • Laws as they pertain to ethics and professionalism
  • The proper procedures for manicuring, pedicuring and removing hair, makeup and facials
  • Hair coloring, lightening and cutting
  • Scalp care
  • Hair care
  • Permanent waving
  • Chemical relaxing

As for how you can get access to a comprehensive cosmetology test study guide, the process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is go online and search for study tools in your state. Be sure that the study guide you choose is marked for your state of residence, as each state in the country has different requirements, and you want to make sure that you are studying the correct state procedures, regulations, etc. Furthermore, once you are finally ready to take the exam, you must contact your local cosmetology department and request an exam date. Most states allow you to complete this process online or by phone.

Nail Technician License Practice Tests

If you have decided that you will be taking the full and comprehensive cosmetology test or you are ready to take your state’s specialty nail technician license exam, it is important that you focus on your cosmetology exam prep. As mentioned above, one way that you can do so is to download a cosmetology state board study guide that is specific to your state and use it to become familiar with all of your state’s procedures, rules and regulations. This is an excellent way to prepare for your cosmetology license exam. However, it should not be the only material that you use when you are preparing. To supplement your studies, you should also put to use some of the various nail technician practice tests.

As mentioned before, there are states that do not issue nail technicians specific licenses, so depending on your state, the questions on these cosmetology final exam practice tests may encompass the general industry of cosmetology. But in any case, these exams are very easy to find if you decide that you would like to add them to your study routine, and they can help you become much more comfortable and familiar with the test format and questions, as they are typically taken from reliable study guides. Just make sure that the nail license practice tests you take are specific to your state of residence. Seeing as cosmetologists have different tests from state to state, you want to make sure that you do not make the mistake of learning about the regulations and laws of a state in which you do not intend on practicing .

Once you have taken enough practice tests and have met all of the qualifications necessary to take the nail technician exam, you can begin to make preparations for the test day. When applying to get nail license documents, be sure that you do not bring any of the following into the test room: purses, cameras, computers, recorders, etc. Also, make sure that you notify the local department of any special exam day arrangements that you require. And finally, remember that you will have to pay the examination fee, which also varies from state to state and can be changed without any notice from the state Board of Cosmetology that administers the exam. After you have passed the necessary test, you will have everything you need to practice cosmetology in your state of residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The state in which you reside may require you to take and pass a state board exam in order to receive a nail license.
Each state has different certification requirements in order to be able to legally work as a nail technician. In some states, you are not required to obtain a full cosmetology license, and may be able to work legally with a nail license.
Each state has a certain amount of school hours required before you can be eligible to take the state-board exam to obtain a nail license. The hours required can range anywhere from 100 to 600.
Some states provide the state board exam online for your convenience in order to obtain a nail license.
In order to schedule an appointment to take the state-board exam to receive a nail license in your state, you can contact the hair salon or barber school you’ve attended. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.