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After completing your necessary make up education hours, you will also need to pass a standard state cosmetology examination, which is often in the form of a computer-based test. The exam to become a make up artist will test your knowledge on the makeup and cosmetics field, ranging from basic applicatin techniques to different types of treatment to proper sanitization procedures. In order to register for the makeup artist exam, you must contact the beauty test provider and schedule a sit-down date. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to bring any textbooks or supplies with you. However, if English is not your first language, and you require assistance understanding the questions, you may ask to use a foreign language translation dictionary. Disabled makeup artist candidates who have a physical or learning disability should also contact the test provider to find out about any available assistance for the day of your beauty exam. In order to be fully prepared for your exam, it is important to review make up artist study guides, as well as take practice tests as many times as you feel necessary. Many cosmetology examinations are presented in a multiple-choice question format, and registration can sometimes be done online. However, if registering online, you may be asked to provide a current email address, as a confirmation receipt of your scheduled test day will be sent to you. As you get ready for your test day, make sure to gather your current recent drivers license to take with you for proof of identification.

Makeup and Cosmetics License Study Guides

One of the best ways to fully prepare for the exam to become a makeup artist is to invest some time in reviewing make up artistry study guides. Your state Board of Cosmetology will often have helpful resources and materials that may be of valuable use to you. It is important to think about what the standard make up artist exam will, in fact, consist of prior to studying. To apply for a cosmetology license, you are expected to become thoroughly knowledgeable about a wide array of make up and cosmetics topics, which include the following: makeup application, makeup removal, salon fundamentals, salon guidelines and any relevant skin care information. You will also need to know about general safety and sanitation procedures and how to properly and effectively tend to your clients.

How to Sign up for the State Exam

In order to sign up for your make up artist exam, contact the testing provider in your area. Make sure to have personal details available, such as your full name, daytime phone number and a valid email address. In the event that a testing provider needs to contact you, he or she will already have this information readily available.

What to Expect on State Exam

Many state examinations are provided by way of computer testing. This form of testing is a quick, efficient way of collecting questions and answers, and thereafter processing immediate results. When a first-time applicant is in the process of taking the exam to become a make up artist, you should note you are not permitted to bring any supplies or personal items to the testing location. If you disregard this rule, you will be turned away, and will have to reschedule your exam for a later day.

Makeup and Cosmetics License Practice Tests

After you have thoroughly reviewed the study guides you have at your disposal, the next step will be to take a practice test for a makeup artist license. By taking a makeup artist license practice test, you will be able to improve your chances of receiving a passing grade the day of your examination. Make sure to carefully review each question, and take your time selecting your answer.

Special Arrangements for Exam Day

Once you have determined that you are ready to take the actual make up artist exam, you will need to contact the testing provider to find out about proper arrangements. If you are an individual with a disability, inquire about available forms of assistance. For example, if you have a learning disability, you may be able to take the exam in a format that is different from the standard form. For makeup artist applicants who do not speak in English as their first language, you may be able to request a foreign language translation dictionary. If you need to take the exam in a language other than English, you may have the option to sit down for a Spanish test instead. Regardless of what your particular needs are, it is important to contact your testing provider ahead of time, so you can have them properly addressed.

On the day of your exam to become a make up artist, you will be asked to present proof of identity to gain admittance inside the testing facility, therefore make sure to have a drivers license on your person. If you do not have a valid drivers license, an identification card or any other form of photo ID should suffice.

Acceptable Excused Absences

Certain unforeseen situations may require you to cancel your exam for make up licensing. If that is the case, make sure that you receive an excused absence from the testing provider. If you are wondering what qualifies as excused absences, some examples include:

  • You have been involved in a car accident.
  • You are currently an active military member.
  • You have suffered a death in the family.
  • You have been struck with an unexpected illness.
  • You have a family member who has been struck with an unexpected illness.
  • You have been called for jury duty.

Note that if you do not show up for the state Board of Cosmetology exam, and your reason is considered “unexcused,” then you will be required to pay a cancellation fee. In order to ensure that you receive an excused absence, have an official note on your person. You will need to present your supporting documentation within a certain time to have it I considered valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each state may require a state-approved exam to become a makeup artist for first-time applicants interested in obtaining a makeup artist license.
In order to schedule your makeup artist exam, you will need to contact the appropriate department in your state. You should also prepare to pay any set fees.
The age requirement in order to be eligible to take the makeup artist exam varies from state to state. Generally, the age requirements can be anywhere from 16 to 21.
Each state has a different standard cosmetology exam required in order to obtain a makeup artist license, which may consist of a certain number of portions.
In order to take the cosmetology exam, you may be required to pay a set fee, which varies depending on which state you reside in, and is subject to change. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.