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If you would like to pursue a career as an electrologist in the state where you live, then it is important that you consider all of the opportunities available to you. No matter the state you reside in, licensed electrologists in the cosmetology industry will have no problem when it comes to searching for electrologist jobs, as there are plenty of tools to help them along in the process. Furthermore, all electrolysis graduates have a variety of workplace options to choose from. They can work in a traditional salon setting or office. They can work from home in order to enjoy greater convenience. And finally, they can also choose to work in a mobile capacity by going from one client to the next by vehicle. Each of these different electrolysis jobs has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, all you need to do is consider the pros and cons of each option in order to decide which suits your situation best. However, regardless of your selection, it is important to keep in mind all of the requirements that you must meet in order to get a license for electrolysis. Each state has its own set of qualifications that must be fulfilled in order for you to be able to practice this profession, including a certain amount of academic credit hours in a state-approved institution and necessary testing. If you meet all of the electrolysis state board requirements, take a look at the sections below to get a better idea of the job options available to you.

Electrolysis Job Locations

If you are not sure how you can get a job as an electrologist in your state, then this is the perfect place to get information on all of the opportunities that are available to you. Licensed electrologists can work in a wide variety of settings, including inside and outside the home. Some of the most common places that you can perform electrolysis on clients include:

  • Esthetician offices.
  • Dermatologist offices.
  • Local hospitals.
  • Full beauty spas.
  • Beauty salons.
  • Outpatient care facilities.

As long as you have an electrolysis certification in your state of residence, you will be able to work in any of the above locations without a problem. The only thing you have to worry about is searching for available electrologist jobs. As with every other industry, it is important to keep in mind that the job search may take you some time. But, the good news is that there are a few different ways that you can go through the process of finding a job as a hair removal professional. First of all, you can conduct a job search online by providing your area of interest. And if this method does not pan out, you also have the option of going in person to local salons and asking if they are currently interested in hiring an electrologist or plan on hiring one in the future. However, if there is no such luck in this regard either, do not get discouraged. There are other ways that you can begin working as a hair removal professional in your state, including working in a mobile capacity or running an electrolysis service in the comfort of your home. And, if and when you secure a job, you can look forward to an average annual income of about $22,000, which is slightly higher than the $21,000 earned by motion picture projectionists, just to give you an idea of a universal average.

Work from Home as an Electrologist

In the event working out of a traditional salon or office does not interest you, consider working as an electrologist out of your home. This option is excellent for those professionals who want to work as certified electrologists in a freelance or part-time capacity. The reason that this opportunity is good for these kinds of electrolysis graduates is because while clientele can be limited when you work from home, convenience is high.

In the event you are considering running a home-based electrolysis service, be sure that you purchase the proper equipment. This is the most important part of running an at-home service. And, the best way to choose a proper electrologist’s machine is to consider the following factors:

  • Higher voltage means better results.
  • The machine you choose should feature all of the following options:
    • Thermolysis
    • Blend
    • Galvanic
  • Be sure the electrolysis machine you choose is capable of being digitally programmed to target certain skin areas.

Once you have the necessary machinery, the next step is to get to know your clients.

Electrologist Client Checklist

Every time that you get a new client, it is important that you ask him or her a variety of questions in order to better suit his or her needs. Some important questions you should consider asking include:

  • Where does your client want to be treated for hair removal?
  • Does your client have any allergies?
  • Does your client have sensitive skin?
  • What is the thickness/coarseness/color of your client’s hair?

By getting answers to all of the above questions, you will be able to perform all of your duties knowing exactly what your clients prefer and expect. Common services that you can provide include:

  • Waxing.
  • Threading.
  • Electrolysis.
  • Laser hair removal, if you have the proper specialty.

Mobile Electrologists

In the event you would prefer not to work out of your own home and are having difficulty finding a job as a licensed electrologist in a traditional setting like a salon or a local dermatologist’s office, you do have the option of working as a mobile electrologist. This is a good option for those professionals who only want to work in a freelance or part-time role, because clientele may not be as steady as it is with a standard salon or office setting. However, if you are transitioning from one of these traditional environments and already have a clientele established, you may be able to increase your opportunities through mobile electrolysis services, just because of the convenience that it provides your customers.

The only things that you have to keep in mind when you are considering becoming a mobile electrologist are the importance of bringing your own equipment (the electrology machine mentioned in the section above) when you go from house to house and the need to get to know your customers so that you can provide high quality care. When interviewing clients, always be sure to ask about them about their allergies, their sensitivity to certain chemicals, their preferences when it comes to various products, their type of hair and more so that you can provide services such as waxing, laser hair removal (if you have the specialty), electrolysis, threading and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to legally work as an electrologist in a professional licensed setting, you are required to have an electrolysis license.
You can provide hair removal, laser hair removal, blemish removal, and skin tag removal services, among others in any professional licensed setting as an electrologist.
In order to apply for electrolysis jobs, you will be required to present proof of having enrolled in an accredited electrolysis institution and proof of having obtained an electrolysis license.
Each state has a certain amount of school hours and work experience required before you can be eligible to obtain an electrologist license and work legally as a professional electrologist.
There are many types of businesses that seek electrologists, such as spas, salons, dermatology offices and other medical offices. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.