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An electrologist is a professional who removes unwanted or excess hair from a person’s body or face. If you would like a career in electrology, you must first complete electrolysis state board requirements. The steps to apply for electrolysis licenses may include completing a minimum of academic schooling, while also taking the appropriate state examination for licensure. In order for your licensing request to be processed and approved, you must also submit a filled out application, along with any necessary fees. Once you have become a certified professional electrologist, you can then begin exploring a career as an electrologist. Many licensed electrologists work in a dermatologist’s office, an outpatient care facility or some other type of medical environment. However, you can also start your own private practice as a hair removal professional. You will need to contact the council office of your state in order to obtain further information about standard procedures and regulations. As a first-time electrologist, you are allowed to perform on a number of different skin types, as long as you have received the proper licensing and have met your education requirements. If you are looking to transfer your electrology license from another state, you may also have the option to do so via reciprocity or endorsement. In some instances, however, your only option may be transferring by endorsement. Make sure that your license is currently active and valid in order to avoid an application denial. Find out more about the numerous benefits of working as a hair removal professional by reading below.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to legally work as an electrologist you must have an electrolysis license.
In order to apply for an electrolysis license, a first-time applicant is required to show proof that certain electrologist school requirements were met, pass a state board exam, present a complete application and pay set fees.
You may be required to enroll in an accredited electrology school, complete a certain amount school hours, ranging from 100 to 600, and complete a certain amount of hours of actual experience in order to obtain an electrolysis license.
After you have received notice that you have passed a Certified Professional Electrologist exam, you can then seek employment as an electrologist.
Each state has a different set of age restrictions in order to begin the application process to obtain an electrolysis license. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.