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An Ohio birth certificate is the first government-official record you are assigned, in addition to your Social Security Number. A record of birth is most commonly used for identity purposes in OH and is accepted by all local and federal businesses, as well as government agencies. In addition, a birth record can be used to obtain additional state- or government-related documents, such as U.S. passports, Ohio driver's licenses and marriage certificates. Typically, when an Ohio birth certificate is accepted as proof of identification, you can use either a certified original birth certificate or an official birth certificate copy. However, it is important to confirm that a duplicate of birth certificate documents is acceptable as proof of ID, first. Although your birth record is deemed confidential information in other states, the Ohio Department of Health does not limit public access to the details contained in the document. Furthermore, just one type of birth credential, a certified birth certificate, is issued in the state of Ohio, unlike in other states, which recognize both long-form and short-form birth records, as well as uncertified birth certificates. Uncertified birth certificates in Ohio were outlawed in 2003, simplifying your vital record choices, as well as the ordering process. The details that make your Ohio birth record official include your full name, the location of your birth, signatures from the required parties, along with confirmation and/or approval from a hospital administrator. Continue on to the sections below to read more about the reasons you may need a birth record, along with the process of how to obtain an OH birth certificate.

Uses for an Ohio Birth Certificate

Ohio birth records are used for several different purposes, both statewide and on a national level. Some of the most common reasons you may need your birth certificate include:

  1. To apply for a driver's license – Your birth certificate will serve as proof of ID at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship – Your birth record can act as evidence that you were American-born.
  3. Travel ID – Ohio birth certificates can supplement a passport during certain methods of travel to locations like Hawaii, Alaska and the Bahamas.
  4. To request a U.S. passport – Birth certificates are required when applying for a passport in the U.S. from the state of Ohio.
  5. School registration purposes – In Ohio, birth records can be used to register your child in the state's public school system.
  6. Social Security card applications – Birth certificate forms are considered certified documents by the Social Security Administration when applying for a Social Security card.

How to Obtain Birth Certificates in Ohio

In order to apply for birth certificates in Ohio, you must complete the official birth record paperwork. Note that birth certificates are available to any Ohio residents that fill out the required birth certificate forms requested by the state. Birth records are available to order for your own use, or on behalf of another state resident, as Ohio is considered an ?open state,? meaning birth records are available to the public (this applies to marriage certificates, death records and divorce papers, as well).

If you want to order a birth certificate in Ohio, note that the requested information may vary on a county-to-county basis throughout the state. Typically, getting a birth certificate requires providing the following details:

  • Complete birthdate
  • Birth city or birth county
  • Complete legal name
  • Maiden name of mother

If you cannot provide any of the items above, the record of birth you request may not be able to be located through the Ohio Department of Health's current vital records system.

Replacement Birth Certificates in Ohio

A destroyed Ohio birth certificate will invalidate your vital record in the state, the nation and when traveling internationally. In addition, if your official birth record is lost or stolen in the state of Ohio, report the mishap to local law enforcement to protect your personal identity. Once you have filled out a record of your missing birth certificate, proceed with ordering a birth certificate copy to have on file. Since a copy of birth certificates is also considered a type of certified birth certificate in the state, it will be deemed official in any circumstance. Purchasing a duplicate birth certificate is simple and can be expedited online for your convenience. Just have the above required items handy, as well as proper payment, and the process for ordering birth certificates will be both simple and fast. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.