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In most states, applying for a cosmetology license entails fulfilling many requirements, including completing the necessary schooling hours, as well as passing a standard Board of Cosmetology exam. A number of first-time cosmetologist applicants will need to register for the big exam day, either online or by phone through the appropriate provider. Thankfully, signing up for the certified cosmetology entrance exam is rather simple and straightforward, as long as you have the requested items with you (including payment) and are able to provide a few personal details about yourself. You will know you have been approved for your scheduled appointment once you receive a special notification stating so. Then the time will arrive to start getting ready for Test Day! After all, nothing is quite as rewarding as receiving a passing grade on your cosmetology exam, and earning a high score that you'll forever remember.If you are not familiar with the cosmetology state board test, it may at first seem intimidating, especially considering that it is the final step in the process of obtaining licensure. But, that does not mean there is any reason for you to worry. On the contrary, with the proper resources and study guides available at your fingertips, getting ready for your exam will give you a boost of confidence and more determination to see it through. But in order to ensure that you have utilized your studying time wisely and efficiently, there are some easy-to-remember tips that will facilitate the process.

Find a quiet place to study

There is no denying how distractions – even minimal noise and commotion – can get in the way of a dedicated studying session. When you are preparing to take an important test, such as your state board of cosmetology exam, finding a quiet spot for yourself is key. But, in some instances, studying in complete silence may not be most beneficial for you. If you are a cosmetologist applicant who needs some kind of soft background noise, a calming music playlist may help you better grasp the material in front of you. Every person uses different techniques to ensure that he or she can fully concentrate and focus on a wide range of topics, so it is important that you determine what works best for you.

Take notes and make outlines

Since the cosmetology license exam is loaded with in-depth and thorough information (often in a multiple-choice format), you may come to the realization that the most effective form of studying is to compartmentalize what you are learning. For example, jotting down key notes, and dividing them according to category or topic, will make it easier to memorize all the exam information. You may also find it beneficial to highlight key phrases or words that are particularly important to remember. If the information seems overwhelming to you, create a simple outline to effectively process the different categories, one by one, and as a single item at a time.

Take a break

One thing you should avoid is cramming your studying session in to a few hours and pulling an all-nighter. When you feel like you are no longer alert or able to remain focused on your reading material, take some time to close the textbook in front of you and simply enjoy a little breather. If your eyes have started stinging, allow them to remain shut for a minute or two, in order to restore lack of lubrication and moisture that may have left the surface. If your stomach is rumbling, grab a protein-packed snack to give you energy and satisfy any hunger pangs. And, of course, if you are feeling restless, a power nap may be just what you need to get back on track. Make sure to listen to your body, so that you do not crash and burn before the exam.

Have a friend test you

An effective way to find out whether or not you are fully grasping the information from your study guides is to have somebody else test you. With the use of index cards, write down a question on the front, then add the answer on the flip side of your card. Ask a friend to test your knowledge by reading out the questions to you. If there is any material you need to brush up on, separate the appropriate index cards to review once more later on. It may even be helpful to mark and highlight any topics you feel you are not too familiar with, that need some extra time and focus. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.