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Getting married is a very exciting time in your life. It is an event that sees you go from being a singular entity to an official part of a couple. And the celebration of this occasion is always something to be remembered, including cake, smiles, laughs and countless pictures of you, your spouse and your joint families. However, once the wedding and the party are over, your first job as husband or wife begins, and it starts with an official name change. It does not matter whether it is your spouse or you who is the one about to change names, this is a process that the two of you can approach together in order to minimize the stress and maximize efficiency. But you may be asking yourself what stress the name change process entails. What you need to know is that there is not just one party with which you must change your name. Yes, the Social Security Administration is the most important party that must be notified of a name update, but it is just the first entity on a long list of groups that should be contacted after you get married. But the good news is that you can find out about all of these important parties in the sections below.

Changing Your Name with the Social Security Administration

As mentioned above, the first party that you must notify of a name change is the Social Security Administration. This entity is responsible for issuing the most important IDs in the United States, Social Security cards. So to make sure your SSC is accurate and up-to-date, you will have to submit an application for a new card immediately, along with all of the necessary identification and name change documents. The good news, however, is that you can go through this process in person at a local SSA office or you can simply download the application online and send it to the nearest office via mail. As a bonus, the process to do so is completely free of charge.

Changing Your Name at the DMV

Once you have updated your name with the Social Security Administration, the next step you have to take is to visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. This is because this entity is responsible for issuing your second most important piece of ID, your driver’s license. Fortunately, the process for updating your driver’s license or state ID card (if you do not have a license) is very simple and similar to the process for notifying the SSA. Most states typically require you to come in person with proof of your name change (marriage certificate in this case) and payment for the license update fee. Then, once that is taken care of, you will have to update your name as it appears on your other important driving documents, such as your car title and car registration.

Other Parties to Notify of Name Changes

In addition to the Social Security Administration and the DMV, there are a number of other parties that you will have to notify of your change of name. Of course, these parties will vary based on your situation, but the list of parties that should be contacted typically includes:

  • US passport agency.
  • Internal Revenue Service.
  • Voter registration.
  • Doctor’s offices.
  • Schools.
  • Banks.
  • Credit card companies.
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