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Working as a cosmetologist is a great way to support yourself professionally. But, after you have passed the necessary state licensing examination, whether it is for makeup or skincare, and have received a license to practice the field of your choice, it is important that you take all of the applicable state laws into consideration. First of all, you are always required to have your cosmetology license on your person, or nearby when you are practicing your profession. If you are a make up artist and you are caught working without your make up license, you will be fined. The same thing goes if you are a manicurist caught without a nail license, and so on. Therefore, it is crucial that you make a conscious effort to have your license with you whenever you are practicing your profession. Furthermore, it is important to note that it is not enough to just have your cosmetologist license with when you are working.States also have specific rules for the display of your credentials in the workplace. And it does not matter if you are practicing in Florida or in California, it is required that you put the license that you have earned in your given field of cosmetology in a place where your clients and inspectors can easily find it. The terminology used by state cosmetology boards is that the license must be displayed in a conspicuous place in your place of employment. And in addition to its transparent location, the license must also feature your photograph and a statement that confirms what you have been licensed in, be it skincare, electrolysis or what have you. Below, find five ways to keep your license on display without fail.

1. Beside the Mirror: Hair stylists, make up artists and many other cosmetologists perform their professional duties in front of a mirror. Thus, what better a place to put your cosmetology license? Securing your credentials right beside the mirror guarantees that they are visible to any client and allows you to meet your state requirement for display. Just be sure not to obstruct them in any way in order to avoid penalties from your state department. The general rule of thumb is to not place any other item, such as a picture or a note, too close to the given license.

2. On the Wall of Your Workstation: Another good conspicuous place to consider displaying a cosmetologist credential, like a nail tech license, is on the wall. If you do not have a mirror that your clients are immediately drawn to, a clean wall of your workstation is the next best thing. As long as you do not crowd this wall with other materials, your license for cosmetology will be easily seen and recognized by customers as well as inspectors, whenever they may come. And remember, if your legal documentation is not displayed within the confines of your business, you will be fined by the state department.

3. On Your Drawer: One thing to keep in mind when you are thinking about are becoming a cosmetologist is that every work station is different, and the variations extend far beyond the differences in professions. For instance, every workplace is going to look different, and some are going to feature a larger setup than others. If you happen to work in a location that does not provide much space, one place to consider securing your license is the front of your drawer or drawer organizer. Just be sure that a client’s eye naturally wanders to the location that you select.

4. At the Top of Your Desk: Another place to consider putting a cosmetology credential such as an electrolysis license is at the top of your desk, if you do not have any personal drawers, enough wall space or a mirror. As mentioned before, workplaces in the cosmetology industry vary. Therefore, it is good to take into account these various options before you choose a visible and conspicuous place to display your credentials, and always consider asking your colleagues for their opinions on the best locations for display.

5. Away from Staining Agents: Another thing to think about, as opposed to locations that you should place your esthetician license or hair stylist license, is places that you should not place your credentials. Depending on your cosmetology career, you may work with materials that can cause stains or dirty your work station. And, one thing that you want to be sure not to place next to these items is the document that confirms your licensure to practice cosmetology. Considering visibility of your credential is a requirement across the country, the last thing you want to do is to get your cosmetologist license dirty or obscured by these materials.

If you want to protect your cosmetology license, you must first review your state's policy. You may be able to frame or laminate your credential, depending on what your state Board of Cosmetology permits. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies.